Tina Brescanu is an unconventional, bilingual writer.

Tina grew up chastised for her way of using language, patronised for her way of seeing the world and shamed for her love of sex. She is a sensitive who survived childhood. Her fiction saved her life.

Tina is now taking charge of her words, voice and view by self-publishing and unshaming herself by reclaiming her sexual pleasure. Tina learnt to question everything and love everyone. She writes to understand her angle of life. She craves the multilayered truth. Truth can change, and Tina hopes to continue to evolve and change as she grows beyond the middle stage of life.

To blog or not to blog has been a longstanding question Tina is finally answering. She will blog to try to find answers, not to share any expertise.

Thanks to her incessant curiosity, she is more open-minded and open-hearted than judgemental. Tina also has the ability to extract laughter from pain. She used to be thrown out of class for laughing, and she still laughs. Loudly. At least three times a day. A prescription she gave herself when she saved her own life. She is a shero, not a victim.

Tina is a two-spirited woman who avoids labels. She probably escaped a diagnosis too.

Her books are as atypical as herself and can be found here 


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