Thank you for Pippi, Astrid Lindgren!

I love Astrid Lindgren, and especially Pippi. When I did a reading in my children’s school they thought Pippi was a boy because of her boldness. Growing up with Pippi saved my life. Thank you, Astrid Lindgren, for always championing children, for creating children heroes in your books and for spreading the recipe of a happy childhood around the world: love, love and more love.

Pippi’s sense of humour is one of her strengths:
(Excerpt: “Are you the girl who’s moved into Villekulla Cottage?” asked one of the policemen.
“Not me!”said Pippi. I’m her very small aunt who lives on the third floor at the other end of the town.” She only said this because she wanted to have a bit of fun with the policemen. But they didn’t think it was the least bit funny. They told her not to try to be so clever. And then they explained that kind people in the town had arranged for her to be placed in a Children’s Home.
“I’m already in a Children’s Home,” said Pippi.
“What’s that? Is it already arranged?” asked the policemen. “Which Children’s Home is that?”
“This one,” said Pippi proudly. “I’m a child, and this is my home. There aren’t any grown-ups living here, so I think that makes it a Children’s Home.”)


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