Love is a force you can’t force

I grew up thinking love was something manipulative, something that could be controlled, but just like other cultural teachings, it was wrong. What were you taught about love that you later found out to be wrong?

I learnt very early that love is a force you can’t force, I have even fallen in love with people I didn’t like. Love is completely unselfish, you want to just give, give and give when love hits you like lightning.  Love is free, love can’t be turned on as a reward or off as a punishment. Love is unlimited and also limitless, you can love as many as you love and more. Love is impersonal. Love is never more or less, love is love. Love is both a choice and a surrender. Love doesn’t follow human-made codes or societal customs. You don’t deserve love, you are love. Love doesn’t die, love changes form.


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