Ladder of Life

To own your house and have a job for life sounds good to a lot of people, but I have always questioned this life set up, I’ve always prefer not owning anything other than my own body, myself, the rest can come and go, move freely, not stagnate and grow mould.

Of course, my theories are based only on what feels right and what doesn’t.

I never subscribed to one job for life either; people have always been shocked at my disregard for a permanent job position, preferring the opportunity to remain until further notice employment basis.

Owning a house has never been on my life plan either, renting gives much more freedom and options, and now when people live longer, and immigration is quite common, it makes more sense too.

Renting and changing jobs throughout life keep everything fresh, and a country with this life set up does better than countries who insist on holding tight to what is not a safety net, it’s a ball and chains.

Just like money in the bank is useless when not used, so too are jobs and houses when they stagnate, when they don’t get new blood. We all know that a change of scenery recharges the batteries, but change is also freedom.


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